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The following terms of service address your access to use the Virtuells website, including any additional service, content, or functionality offered through our website. Before to start using the services from our site, we request you to carefully go through the terms and conditions. By using our site, creating an account, and accepting the terms and conditions by agreeing to tick when this option is made available to you. 


When you accept, you agree to bound and be abide by the terms of service and the privacy policy, that we’ve incorporated here. If you, at any point in time, do not agree with our terms and conditions, you are requested not to use our website. For a more detailed evaluation of our policies & condition, you are hereby requested to read herein. 




By registering for an account to use our website, you hereby agree that you are accepting the terms and conditions and also abide to follow the guidelines mentioned here. To use the maximum portion of our site and services, you are requested to register yourself first. At Virtuells, we hold the right to decline any registration process for a lawful reason. 


If you create an account as an employer or freelancer, you represent and warrant that you will abide by the terms and conditions properly to enter into a contract with us. Your privacy is of utmost importance for Virtuells, and thus it will be handled in accordance with the privacy policy mention on the site. 


This site is only for users who are 18 or above 18 years of age. If you are under 18 years, you are not eligible to use the services offered by Virtuells. By accepting the terms, you present and warrant that you belong to the legal age to form a contract with us and meet all the much-needed eligibility criteria too. If you do not meet the requirement, you are requested not to use the site. 






Virtuells offer the use of the site and the services for business purposes only and not for any personal, household, or consumer use. In order to register with an account, you are hereby requested to confirm that (a) you are an employer, business body, corporation, or a freelancer, individual, limited liability company. (b) you are using the services from the site only for business purpose use (c) you will comply with the licensing, registration, policies, and other requirements which is mention in the provision of using Virtuells. (d) You are either a legal entity to provide work or an 18-year-old, looking for work. Only then you are legally bound to form a contract and make use of the service.  




To register to our site, you are requested to complete your user profile in the first place, which you consent to show to the employers so as to make use of the service. This can be done when you make the privacy setting changed to the public so another user can access your profile for better opportunities. You hereby agree to provide complete and honest information about yourself, on your profile and the registration and another form you access at Virtuells and give us the information on it shall also hold to be accurate, complete, and unbiased. You agree not to provide any false information, misleading identity, location, email address, contact details, or billing details too. 




There are different account types for users to make use of depending upon the service you are expecting from Virtuells. Once you make a registration for one account type, you can add other account types under it too. For example, if you have made a freelancer account type, you can add your client accounts as a separate account type too. You shall hereby agree that you can not make more than one account without writing to us written permission for the same. We reserve the right to delete or revoke the privileges of the account, or linked in your account type section, which led to anything misleading or false, that has been provided in creating, marketing, or maintaining your profile. 




You agree not to let any other person on your behalf create or make a profile on our site for your use, benefits, except that an authorized, agent or employer can create an account on behalf of your business. By granting another user as a permission granted to make use of your account, you also give the authority to us that (a) the user is authorized to act on your behalf on our site (b)You are taking the full responsibility on their actions, and omission, including the responsibility of payments and entering into a contract through the services offered on Virtuells. If there is any violation, you shall not be allowed to make use of the service, site, and the closure of your account profile and personal information will be removed by us. 




Identity & Location 


When you register with us by opening an account, you have to go through a verification process. Including but not limited to validation of the third parties’ site, or verification of government or official legal documents, your location, your ability to be a part of our website and that confirm the identity of yours. You authorize Virtuells to confirm your identity, your location, and confirm your email address, financial accounts, contact details, as per the applicable law. When we request from you, you must provide us timely your personal complete information. During the verification process, there will be some account features that you might not make use of for a time being, once the verification is successful, you can make complete use of Virtuells platform. 


Username & Passwords


While you register with Virtuells, you will be required to choose a username and password completely stored for operating and accessing your account at Virtuells. You are entirely responsible to safeguard, secure and monitor your password and maintain the confidentiality, and agree not to share your username, password to anyone who is not authorized to use your account. You authorize Virtuells to assume that the person using your account, username, and password is either you or any authorized person who is eligible to work on your behalf. If you find any suspicious activity or misuse of your username or password, you are requested to immediately inform us about the unacceptable activity. If you share your account details with anyone who is an unauthorized person, you are directly violating the terms of service and going against the law. 




Virtuells have made the site for employers and freelancers to directly communicate and do business with each other. Virtuells are not liable to make freelancers meet with clients, find a project for a freelancer, or help employers hunt for a freelancer. Throughout the site, the freelancer will simply be notified about a client seeking freelance work that may be of interest. And the client may be notified about freelancers willing to take projects. Users are completely responsible for evaluating and determining which project will suit their type, which freelancer is ideal for the completion of the work. 


Employers and freelancer must agree that their relationship is of an independent contractor.

The freelancer must perform as an individual contractor, and must not act as a part of a team, agency, or joint venture whatsoever.  


Virtuells is not responsible to act as any party or by dealing with the completion of the project assigned to a freelancer. It is the freelancer, completely in charge of providing the project on the expected time which is pre-decided at the time of forming into a contract with the client. Freelancers must agree to finish the work on the time assigned and Virtuells can ask for proof of the work completed, at any point in time as a verification process of your tasks. 


Employer and Freelancer each must commit to act with good faith, work with providing quality, and being transparent with each other. There must be fair dealing in the performance of the project agreement and shall be treated rightly. The fee can be on the basis of a fixed project or contractual basis. It can also be an hourly basis wherein the freelancer will be paid based on the number of hours spent on the work assigned by the client. You must agree that Virtuells is not responsible or liable in any way to direct, control, or act as an evaluator of their work and is not responsible to check their project or assist them.


You acknowledge that a freelancer is solely responsible to agree, accept, reject, or determine which project to accept, the time, date, place, manner, and completion of the project too. You must also agree that Virtuells doe not provide any quality standard for work and it is the responsibility of the client to keep freelancers informed about their work expectation. You acknowledge that Virtuells is only liable to act as a platform for employers and freelancers to meet, communicate, and perform work for each other. 


The employer must agree that after the completion of the project, they are eligible to make the payment processing done on time. The payment shall be discussed before getting into the contract, and the client must provide a complete payment that was promised to freelancers from their side. Virtuells does not set any payment, pricing, work hour, work schedule, or work locations, and Virtuells does not provide any training, tools, or equipment to freelancers in order to complete your services. 




Users who are engaged in a dispute due to any payment complication or project completion can make use of the dispute resolution services offered by Virtuells. If any dispute arises, you hereby agree to make mediate and end the dispute in good faith. If the mediation results are good, you accept to take the mediation process ahead and solve the matter thoroughly. If you are not satisfied with the mediation, you further notify us to go ahead with the arbitration. In any condition that occurs as a dispute between the freelancer and an employer, the dispute if not resolved by mediation, such dispute will be acknowledged by Virtuells and we shall arbitrate the dispute based on the terms and services mention here. 




If the dispute is not resolved or Virtuells find anything not acceptable or user violating the terms of service or privacy policy, their account shall be suspended by the user itself, or Virtuells will do the same on your behalf.


  1. Either party may terminate their contract and agreement at any point in time with prior notice. In such an instance, your account will be terminated. If you have an unpaid amount pending, you shall be required to process the payment before your profile gets terminated.
  2. If not following out instruction, we shall provide you the warning or temporarily suspend your account, you will not be able to perform service, refuse to take projects until the account gets recovered back. 




While you use our website and services, you thereby accept to govern with the terms and conditions and privacy policy mentioned at Virtuells. It is your responsibility to access the privacy policy section and once you are assured with the policy only then make further consideration to register yourself on our site. The privacy policy is mention in detail on our site that covers almost everything about the user’s personal information and how we use it.

We are allowed by law to disclose your personal information only to make sure the service offered to you from us is smooth. 


Contact Us:


If you have any queries or concerns regarding the Terms of service mention here. You can immediately contact us and know in detail about it. Reach us either through email or by contacting directly. We have a support team right here for you.