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Refund Policy

You may ask for a refund at any time from any funds that you have added into your account, except the charges that are payable to Virtuells. The user can request a refund secured in the safe deposit using the option request for refund by also specifying a detailed reason for the same. If we agree to accept your request, you will be refunded your money from the same payment method the user used to make payments with us. 

a) No response: 

The employer/ freelancer has not responded to work within 1 day after the proposal has been accepted by the employer/buyer.

b) Non-delivery: 

The freelancer has not delivered the service requested and there is no scope of delivery anytime soon. The service as agreed upon did not work as expected. The agreed scope or project was not delivered as per the expected time limit, which led to the work assigned of no use. The per-hour rate payment process in which freelancers did not spend enough time. 

c) Poor Quality: 

The delivered project to the employer did not go with the quality that was expected by the employer. Or the freelancer did not meet the requirement of the project that were guided by the employer, which led to work done in extremely poor unsatisfied quality. This led to the work being rejected and the employer expects a return or refund for the same. 

d) Or the freelancer lost the dispute that was addressed in the dispute redressal service

(a)We may refund the fund irrespective of whether the user has made a request from us for the amount to be refunded, (b)or we are required by law to consider the same and do so. (c)We understand and hereby determine that refunding the funds back to the users will avoid any dispute or increase our costs too. (d)We refund the money in accordance with the policy that we specify to the user on our site from time to time.

You can request a refund at Virtuells by using our customer support website or simply you can provide us detailed information of request by emailing us.

Employers and freelancers may have mutually agreed to make a refund for the reason that is not discussed in the previous clause. However, the authorization of such refunds will be subject to the agreement made between the freelancer and the employer, and it will be reviewed by Virtuells first, before deciding whether the refund is worth it. 

Refunds will only apply to the money that is deposited safely in the safe deposit account. Funds will only be paid through the account made for the fund, and the refund of the money from Virtuells will be provided in the same. 

Employers or Freelancers are requested not to file the dispute on the payment to any banks, credit card companies in an attempt to seek money from outside the platform. This will be against the contract and unlawful. Further, if Virtuells find out anything like that, the account of the user will be permanently disabled and suspense that may also lead to legal actions. 

Refund & Penalties: 

Refunds on a regular basis will directly impact the user rating and standing in the Virtuells platform.

  1. If the employer is at fault, (by not responding, not providing timely information or cancellation of the work due to any immediate other needs) can impact and have a negative rating on the employer’s profile on Virtuells
  • If the freelancer is at fault (buy not completing, performing the task assigned, not working on a dedicated period allotted, providing poor quality work) it can impact and have a negative rating on the profile of freelancer’s profile at Virtuells.
  • Multiple refunds if a user request from Virtuells, this will have a temporary stoppage of your service, as it is a gesture of unprofessionalism. 

Virtuells will go through the request of refund and evaluate the reason carefully, that the user will provide us at the time of refund requesting. Virtuells will ensure that both the parties have complied with the terms and conditions and that the purpose of the refund is not harming either of the party in any sense, whatsoever. If Virtuells find out that the party has not complied with the terms and condition, the user will not be provided with the refund and the request will be rejected. 

If the user wishes to discuss any query relating to refund, or is confused about certain terms and conditions mentioned in the refund policy above, you can immediately contact us through email. We will assure 24×7 support is provided to the user, and assist in the time of crisis. Feel free to contact us at any time, and get detailed information about the refund policy. Refund policy is subject to change, we will keep the user notified as soon as the update takes place from time to time.