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How To Start Hiring

Start Your First Project Now

At Virtuells, one can experience temporary or ongoing hiring swift, smooth, and easily. Employers can hire skilled professionals from around the world. 

  • What’s the first step to hiring?

    Posting A Project

    Posting your project is free, and once it has done, you’ll start receiving bids for your project from freelancers. Browse through our talented professionals available on the site and communicate with them directly to offer your proposal. 

  • How to land into a professional?

    Choose an Ideal Freelancer

    You can navigate through our freelancer’s profile, understand their skills, and chat to know more in-depth about them. Compare alternative proposals, and pick the best one from it. Once done, expect our freelancer to start working for you. 

  • When should payment be made?

    Pay When you are Happy!

    We have a secure network of payment systems; you can release the payment amount as per

    the schedule you’ve set. Pay only when our freelancers have completed the project entirely. The control will be in your hand, you get to be a decision-maker. 


Making Serious Profits

Manage Your Account Effectively

As an employer, you will always be at a key benefit with us. You have access to choosing skilled professionals with 4000+ skills, selecting the ideal bid, and paying only when you feel you are satisfied with the work. 

  • How To know project status?

    Tracking Progress

    At Virtuells, we offer our employers the ability to keep themselves up to date with the time tracker app. The number of hours spends by a freelancer on your work will be tracked, so the billing is done accordingly. 

  • Is it worth the payment?

    Pay for Quality

    Our freelancers are top class professionals, you will never face any complication or unsatisfactory experiences. However, you have the right to clear away payments only when you feel it’s right. 100% satisfied? Clear the payment!

  • How to find the right one?

    Browse by Categorize

    You’ll always be benefitted from the systematic categorizing of freelancers that we do for you. We’ll help businesses connect to professional freelancers from the different categories that we have set to make hiring easier for you.


Getting Into Business

Emphasize on Your Work & Team

Emphasize on Your Work & Team 

  • How to be informed?

    Full Transparency

    We make sure your business has the right tool for tracking the activity of your team completely. This ensures that Virtuells along with employers are fully synced, thus ensuring the work assigned is according to the plans you’ve made. 

  • What if the query occurs?

    24x7 Business Support

    Virtuells customer support representatives are available for you 24x7. We will be there to help you with any problem that occurs. Our efforts will be to minimize complications and maximize the great time you are having with us. 

  • How to create a professional image?

    Grow Your Company

    With us, your business will only experience growth! We’ll help you build a stunning profile so only top freelancers attract to your project. You can promote your self fully and differentiate yourself from your competitors.